College Yoga team participates in global program ‘Health Vogue ‘

College Yoga team participated in the Health Vogue – A global program organised by Kailasnatha Vidyanikethan, Mannuthy during 22-23 December 2023. Health Vogue was a program which concentrates on fashion and fitness.

Participants Sem & Branch  Participants Sem & Branch 
Akshay Kumar V M S7, ME  Gayathri V Govind S3, AIML
Agnivesh Kumar P S S7, ME  Ima T S S3, CSE
Joel Jose S7, ME  Naida Krishna K U S3, AIML
Aswin Mohan S7, ME  Aruna R Menon S3, CSE
Abhiram P S. S3, AIML Arundhathi C S7, ECE
Hrithik Sukumaran Alumni Adheethi Ramesh VAST Brahm Yoga member
Gayathri P A S3, ECE Arundhathi Sasikumar Asst Prof, Phy.Edn
Hearty congratulation to Yoga team !!!