Vidya to unveil a scale of cutting-edge ideas and uniqueness @ VYVIDH 2K24

With the sole motto of fostering younger talents and promoting pioneering thinking among engineering, diploma and school students, Vidya proudly announces Techno cultural fest VYVIDH 2K24 from 29 February – 01 March 2024 with a wide spectrum of activities and competitions
It is a platform for young visionaries and problem solvers to showcase their creativity, ingenuity, and technical prowess.

A wide range of programmes, activities and competitions have been lined up, including project expo, paper presentation and spot photography competition.

Tech leaders are betting on the potential of innovative ideas and competitions by facilitating seamless learning targets towards excellent scholastic performance through the incorporation of the latest teachnologies and sharing of ideas .

Convener               :  Ms Siji K B (Asst Prof, MCA) 
Joint Convener      :  Mr Kiran Babu R (Asst Prof, CE Dept)
# Committee Staff Co-ordinators Student Co-ordinators

Project Expo

Mr. Arun Xavier  (Asst Prof, EEE Dept)                 
 Mr. Akhil Venugopal (Asst Prof, ME Dept)
Mr. Albino Shaju 
Ajith Sanjay
2 Paper Presentation Ms. Jensy Babu (Asst Prof, CSE Dept Uthara Sunil Kumar
3 Photography Ms. Salkala K S (Asst Prof, MCA) Ajay James
4 School Expo Ms. Rachana Sajeev (Asst Prof, AS Dept) Advaith Sanil 
5 Finance Ms. Kalyani Vijayakumar (Asst Prof, CE Dept) Sreeranjini Sreekumar
Sponsorship and Stall Ms. Honey Mol P K (Asst Prof, ECE Dept)            
Jiji P J (Asst Prof, AS Dept)

Registration and Certificates & Restoration

Dr Susanth C (Asso Prof, AS Dept)
Ms Manjusha P D (Asst Prof, AIML Dept)                 
Gautham Arun
8 Discipline and Space Allocation Mr. Anil M  (Asst Prof, ECE Dept)
9 Media Ms. Surabhi M S (Asst Librarian) Vishnu N M
# Dept Staff Co-ordinators Student Co-ordinators
1 AIML Ms Riya P D (Asst Prof,AIML Dept) Muhammad Uwais & Vivek Chandran 
2 CE Ms Chithira Ajeeth  (Asst Prof, CSE Dept Athul N & Saya Surendren
3 CSE  Ms Remya p S (Asst Prof,  CSE Dept)  Shanavas R S & Joel Joseph
4 EEE  Rajesh S K (Asso Prof, EEE Dept)  Abishek S Nair & Aldin Glennis
5 ECE  Ms Jemy Jose Kakkassery  (Asst Prof, ECE Dept) Nitin Xavier &  Chaithra Prasad
6 ME Mr Ranjith E R (Asst Prof, ME Dept)  Vishnu Jayaraj & Adhithyan Anilkumar
7 MCA Mr Manesh D (Asst Prof, MCA) Aswin Manoj & Jisymol P C
The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity extends the very best wishes for VYVIDH 2K24 that promises an unforgettable experience, symbolizing a spectrum of innovation and knowledge !!!