Google Cloud Study Jam – Rewards Distribution

Google Developer Students Club ensures its way as one of the most perfect platforms for young, prospective engineers.

On 02 February 2024, a jubilant gathering celebrated the success of the Google Cloud Study Jam 2023. It can also be deemed as the culmination of the perseverance of the participants who actively took part in making this event a roaring success. Jesto K J (GDSC Lead, S8 ECE Dept) welcomed the gathering and extended his heartfelt congratulations to all participants. Dr. Ramani Bai (HoD,CSE Dept) and Ms. Mithu Varghese (Asst Prof, CSE Dept ) were formally welcomed to this event. Dr Ramani Bai began the address by sharing her joy and enthusiasm on such an amazing milestone for the institution. The quality of leadership put forth by Ms Shreya Dilip (S6, CSE Dept) who was the facilitator for the event, under the guidance of the lead, was elaborately rewarded by her through her words.

Ms Mithu Varghese expressed her happiness at the event’s completion and again, without missing, mentioned her appreciation to all including the core team members, without whom the event wouldn’t have garnered as much laurels. It is to be duly noted that it was the coordination from their side that actually rang the bell of success.Jesto, in turn, recognized Shreya’s active role as a facilitator, lauding her for guiding others. He highlighted the active workload that Shreya had put in for this event. She had even been recognized by GDSC India itself as one of the facilitators who volunteered to guide facilitators from other institutions for the smooth conduct of the Google Cloud Study Jam 2023. She has been a guiding force throughout this journey and her admirable work is worth mentioning Later as she took the stage, she shared her insights into the collective experience. She shared her experience as a study jam facilitator on what she has learnt and the tokens of knowledge she has shared with her others . Shreya mentioned that this one of a kind of leadership opportunity for anyone and that she is fortunate enough in having been able to take this role. In fact, she ended her speech by inspiring the next upcoming batch to grab every golden opportunity coming their way.

The climax of the event was marked by the distribution of swags to the accomplished achievers. The excitement was really palpable among the participants..The event marks as a beginning of new greater things for the institution and is, for sure, just a pit stop for many more exhilarating things to come.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty congratulations to Dr Ramani Bai and GDSC Team members on this commendable milestone that help to keep students motivated and engaged in the program !!!