Vyvidh 2K24” presents ‘Press Meet’ at Press Club

To present the story of Vyvidh 2K24  in its most favorable light,and  to shed  further glow on the forthcoming Vidya’s Techno Cultural fest “VYVIDH 2024” the Central Committee of Vyvidh 2K24 conducted a press meet on 27 February 2024 at Press Club, Erumappetti.

Ms Surabhi M S (Media Convener, Vyvidh 2K24) offered opening announcement and extended a warm welcome to all the attendees representing different print and electronic media. Ms Siji K B (Convener, Vyvidh 2K24, Asst Prof, MCA) led the press meet.

Ms Siji briefed the events hosted by Central Committee including that of  ‘AVISHKAR’ – for final year students of Diploma, B Tech, M Tech, MCA, Ideathon,  ‘EXPRIMERE- a paper presentation competition she also shed a light on  the cultural extravaganza ‘D’GROOVES CHOREONITE’ that provides the contestants to face the choreo challenges and win attractive.

The fest includes attractions like ‘RESPAWN’ by the Computer Science department, ‘VASTATVA’ by the Civil Engineering department exploring disaster management techniques and sustainability and ‘HOWLIN’ TORQUE’ by the Electronics and Communication department. All these were well described by the student co-orinators.

The display of Vintage cars and superbikes at the ‘AGNI CHAKRA’, where the mechanical engineering department offers a new experience to car and bike enthusiasts. Adding to the appeal of the fest ELECSPIRE by Electrical and Electronics’, EMMERSO exploring Artificial Intelligence  by  Artificial Intelligence  and Machine Learning Dept and MCA’s ‘Advaita’ showcasing cyber security’s mysterious vigilance innovation were well communicated with the media correspondents. Mr Kiran Babu A R (Asst Prof, CE Dept, Joint Convener) and student co-orinators gave answers and explanations  for all the doubts and queries.

Finally all the media personnel were invited to attend ‘Vyvidh 2K24’ which is conducted during 29 February  – 01 March 2024.

Ms Siji K B (Convener, Vyvidh 2K24, Asst Prof, MCA), Mr Kiran Babu A R (Joint Convener,VYVIDH ‘24), Ms Surabhi M S (Media Convener), Vishnu N M (Media Student Co-ordinator, S8 CSE Dept), Albino Shaju (S8, ECE Dept), Anusha K (S8, CE Dept),  Ajay James  (S4, MCA), Neeraj Kaippara (S6, ME Dept) attended the Press Meet.

Hearty congratulations to all involved !!!