CE Dept organizes technical lecture on ‘Low Carbon and Lean Construction Technologies ‘

The Dept of Civil Engineering has been conducting several technical lectures, seminars etc to communicate various real-case scenario as effectively as possible to the students. CE Dept as a premium association activity organized a technical lecture on Low Carbon and Lean Construction Technologies on 04 March 2024.

Dr Jayasree Chakkamalayath (Chief Technology Officer, Centre of Excellence on Technologies for Low-Carbon & Lean Construction(TL C2),Building Technology and Construction Management Division, Department of Civil Engineering ,Indian Institute of Technology Chennai) served as the resource person.

Dr Murali Jagannathan (Asst Prof, CE Dept, Indian Institute of Technology Chennai) joined online and delivered expert talk on research opportunities in TLC2 at IIT Madras . Faculty members, Final year B Tech and M Tech students of Structural engineering division of Civil Dept attended the session. Dr Abhilasha P S (HoD, CE Dept) introduced the resource person. The technical talk was well received by the attendees and students expressed their feedback and acknowledgment after the session. Ms Seetha Pisharikkel (Asst Prof, CE Dept) proposed vote of thanks.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to the entire CE Dept on the successful conduct of the session that aligns the content, assessments and activities to round out the learning experience !!!