EEE students develop practical knowledge over theoretical concepts during Industrial Visit

To know and experience real work environments, an Industrial Visit was conducted to S8 EEE students during 06-12 March 2024.

The first industry in the Industrial Visit (IV) was Blue Serene Resorts. Students from the class of S8 EEE along with group tutors, Mr M Krishnakumar (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) and Ms Lasitha Mohandas (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) went to the designated IV destination. Blue Serene Resorts is located in Karuvanthala, Thrissur. The resort employs an efficient wastewater management system to aid water requirements of the resort facilities and that of the guests. The treatment plants were installed by Water Care Enviro Solutions, who are leaders in the environmental consultancy industry. The entire treatment process is split into two: (a) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and (b) Water Treatment Plant (WTP). (a) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

The sewage treatment process involves several stages aimed at removing contaminants from wastewater before its safe discharge into the environment. Initially, the sewage was collected from the septic tanks and large debris is screened out, and grit is settled in primary settling tank. Next, it was transferred to a sludge digester from which it is moved to the equalization tank. Subsequently, secondary treatment utilizes anaerobic reactions of bacteria to further breakdown the sludge the sludge then transferred to an aeration tank where blowers are connected to the tank. This creates a suitable environment for bacterial growth. Tertiary treatment utilizes activated carbon filtration and sand filtration to further purify the effluent. Sludge generated during treatment undergoes various processes to reduce volume and the end product is used by the gardeners at the resort to tend towards the plants. Finally, effluent quality was monitored to ensure compliance with regulatory standards This water is also used to water the lawn and yard of the resort. (b) Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

In a water treatment plant, used water is initially taken from a collection tank, which collects the used water, and is subjected to a series of filtration processes. It passes through a softener, a multimedia filter, and an iron filter to remove impurities and sediment. Following this, the water undergoes further purification through a micron cartridge filter to eliminate finer particles. Subsequently, Ultra Violet (UV) filtration is employed to disinfect the water, ensuring the destruction of any remaining pathogens. The treated water, now free from contaminants, is deemed safe for consumption and is distributed for use by guests staying at the resort, thus fulfilling the crucial role of providing clean and potable water.

IFB Industries Ltd.

The second industry in our industrial visit was the IFB Industries Ltd. located in the Verna Industrial Estate, Goa. A member of the IFB staff provided an overview of the various testing methods utilized to uphold product quality standards. 

The entire factory was dedicated towards the assembly of IFB washing machines. The factory had a general division of the workforce into 4 sections. They were PCB, Motor, Assembly and then finally Q&A. Each and every part of the washing machine undergoes rigorous testing which in itself upholds the integrity of the company. There were also R&D departments to create newer models and troubleshoot the existing models.

Hearty congratulations to all involved !!!