Industrial Visit provided an opportunity to explore practical applications of theoretical knowledge to ME S4 students

With an aim to provide an opportunity to explore practical applications of theoretical knowledge gained from academic curriculum, an Industrial Visit (IV) was organized on 07 March 2024, for S4 Mechanical Engineering students to Wonderla, Kochi, as a part of their industrial visit.

Mr. Anil Paul (Asst Prof, ME Dept) and Ms Bittu L Lambi (Asst Prof, AS Dept) led the visit. The objective of the college trip was to provide students with a recreational and educational experience, fostering team bonding and relaxation after academic endeavors. Wonderla, a renowned amusement park, provided an ideal setting for students to unwind and enjoy thrilling rides, entertainment shows, and recreational activities.

The working of harvesting rainwater, water trips after numerous filtrations etc were well explained by the Wonderla officials. The rainwater harvesting tanks have the capability to hold 20 million liters of water. other than this, they made efforts to make use of solar energy to warmness the water of their swimming pools and kitchen to lessen using electricity intake. Working mechanism of special effects of 4D theater was demonstrated.

All these were briefed to the students and they got the opportunity to explore a variety of rides catering to different thrill levels, from high-speed roller coasters to gentle water rides. The excitement and enthusiasm among students as they navigated the various attractions were evident throughout the trip. The IV offered a welcome respite from academic responsibilities while fostering social connections and personal growth.

Hearty appreciations to all involved !!!