Vidya hosts Natural Resource Protection Force (NRPF) State Meet

The Natural Resource Protection Force (NRPF) State Meet was convened at Vidya during 16- 17 March 2024 to serve as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to deliberate on strategies for sustainable natural resource management and environmental conservation. With participants including government officials, environmentalists, community leaders, and NSS Volunteers the meet aimed to foster collaboration and innovation in addressing pressing environmental challenges.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome extended to all attendees by Ms Darsana S Babu( State Coordinator NRPF), emphasizing the significance of their participation in the camp. Presidential address was done by Dr Saji C B( Principal) . The chief guest Sri T K Radhakrishnan( Divisional Manager-Kerala Forest Development Corporation) inaugurated the program and gavean insighful speech to the audience.

Dr Arun M (Program Officer APJAKTU NSS CELL) addressed the volunteers. Mr Mohammed Wazeer ( Director, Tree Tag), Mr Vipin Krishna (Regional Coordinator, Thrissur Palakkad Region) delivered the felicitation speech. Official ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr Ranjith E R (Program Officer, Vidya, Asst Prof, ME Dept). A token of appreciation was presented to the Thanal Regional Co-ordinators.

After the Inaugural ceremony Dr Suneesh P U (North Malabar Region Co-ordinator, State NSS Cell Malappuram District Co-ordinator) conducted an ice breaking session to encourage interaction and friendship among participants. Cultural event were conducted in which the participants encouraged to share their cultural heritage through performances.1st day was concluded with the dinner and the volunteers were provided with good accommodation.

Second day began with assembly and flag hoisting sessions. . All the volunteers participated in the assembly followed by a Zumba session. After that Dr N C Induchoodan (Rtd, Dy Conservator of Forests, former Scientist, KFRI) conducted a session about NRPF.

Volunteers from all the regions participated in the camp. Over the course of two days,Lunch, breakfast and dinner was provided to the volunteers. Also iftar arrangements had also been provided for the volunteers. Various activities were organized to engage students in constructive and meaningful service-oriented endeavors.

The programme was co-ordinated by Mr Ranjith E R (Program Officer, Asst Prof, ME Dept) Ms Vandana M (NSS Programme Officer, Asst Prof, ECE Dept) and Ms Delmy Varghese (NSS Programme Officer, Asst Prof, CSE Dept) with the wholehearted support of NSS volunteers.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya family in extending Heartiest appreciations to Mr Ranjith, Ms Vandana, Ms Delmy and all NSS Volunteers on the thriving conduct of the State Meet that offers volunteers a transformative learning experience with ample insight !!!