VSEC conducts session on Importance of Energy Conservation and Summer”

The Urja Kiran Summer Campaign – 2024 hosted by the Vidya Social Empowerment Center and the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department on the theme ‘oorjasamrakshana praadhaanyavum venalkkalavum” (Importance of Energy Conservation and Summer”) was held on 08 April 2024.The event emphasised the importance of energy conservation and sustainability during the summer season.

The session started with a silent prayer. Dr Siju K.C (Head of VSEC, Asso Prof, AS Dept) gave the welcome address and invited Key Speaker, Dr T.V. Vimalkumar (Coordinator Energy Management Center, Govt. of Kerala), Assistant Professor & Research Guide from the Department of Physics at St. Thomas College, Thrissur) to the session. Dr T.V. Vimalkumar delivered an insightful talk at the event. His expertise and knowledge in the field enriched the discussions and provided valuable insights into energy conservation and related topics. During the event, various topics related to energy conservation, sustainable practices, and advancements in electrical and electronics engineering were discussed. Dr T.V. Vimalkumar’s talk covered critical aspects of energy conservation strategies and their significance, inspiring the audience to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Ms Mary Helna (Sub Engineer, KSEB) addressed the audience and provided valuable insights about the peak hours of electrical energy consumption, highlighting when energy usage is at its highest and offering tips for saving electricity during those times.

The Urja Kiran Summer Campaign – 2024 provided a platform for meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing on energy conservation and related subjects. Attendees gained valuable insights into innovative approaches and solutions for addressing energy challenges, fostering a culture of sustainability. The event successfully achieved its objective of promoting awareness about energy conservation and sustainability. The collaboration between the Vidya Social Empowerment Center and the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department facilitated an enriching experience for all participants. The event saw participation from students, faculty members, VSEC volunteers and persons interested in the field of energy conservation and electronics engineering. Their active engagement and contributions enhanced the overall experience of the event.

Sinan Sulaiman (S6, ME Dept) gracefully led the event as its compere and Thushar Reginold (S4, CSE Dept) concluded the event with a vote of thanks. Dr.Vineetha.C.P (Asso Prof, AS & HS Dept) and Ms Akhila.R (Asst Prof, EEE Dept) coordinated the event. The insights shared by Dr. T.V. Vimalkumar and the active participation of attendees contributed to the success of the event. Overall, the Urja Kiran Summer Campaign – 2024 served as a catalyst for fostering dialogue and action towards a more sustainable future.

Hearty congratulations to all involved !!!