Vidya bids adieu to Dr Saji (Principal)

Vidya envisions an all around and impartial learning system  based on sound academic, physical, ethical and societal formation. Special attention has been laid on the character formation and growth of individuality.

To boost up all these visions, Dr Saji C B, a person with profound knowledge and several years of experience in academic administration, took charge as Principal on 04 July 2018.

Dr Saji, who has given the necessary tools, academic, moral and spiritual leadership for every challenging task bid adieu to Vidya on 15 May 2024 . Dr Saji played an important role in various capacities  to make students erudite, devoted, law abiding and eternally seeking excellence and enabled the students and staff members to stand in good stead in every situation and prepared them for their  incredible power to open all sorts of doors and shape the life.

To poise the occasion, the Heads of  Depts organizesd a send-off function in the Principal’s Cabin on 14 May 2024. Mr Suresh Lal (Executive Director, VICT), Mr Asokan E G (Trust Co-ordinator, VICT) , Dr Sunitha C (Vice Principal and HoD, AIML Dept) Dr Abhilasha P S (CE Dept) , Dr Remini Bai V (CSE Dept), Dr S Swapna Kumar (ECE, Dept)  Dr Mary P Varghese (EEE Dept), Dr Jiby Jose ( AS Dept) and  Dr Reji C Joy (MCA Dept  attended the function. All the attendees recollected about Dr Saji ‘s stupendous support and that embraced many endevors with open arms, and enthusiastically pursue your own life- journey of innovation.

As a token of gratitude and respect, a memento was presented to Dr Saji. Dr Saji expressed his great sense of appreciation, the love, respect support and care that he have received from them.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending Best Wishes to Dr Saji to open frontiers of acquaintance and reveal novel horizons of transformation with an abundance of hope for the future !!!