FOSSers Club organizes ‘Trends and Opportunities in Open Source Software Systems’

The FOSSers Club of  Vidya has been conducting different programs with an aim to  provide insights into the dynamic world of open source software.

An enlightening webinar on “Trends and Opportunities in Open Source Software Systems”  was held on 10 June 2024 at 7:00 PM via Google Meet. The webinar attracted a participation of 66 enthusiastic students,

The resource person for the event was Mr Necer Ashraf, who holds the prestigious position of Lead – Training Partner Relations at ICT Academy of Kerala. With over 13 years of experience in the ICT-ELV industry, Mr. Necer has extensive expertise in Sales, Presales, and IT consulting across India and the Middle East. His academic credentials include a postgraduate degree in Electronics and Communications, a certification in Security System Engineering from Dubai Police Academy, and a diploma in Cyber Law. Furthermore, he has completed specialized programs in Internet Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics and holds various certifications in technology stacks such as Full Stack Development, Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Analytics.

A total of 66 students participated in the webinar, reflecting a strong interest in open source software and its opportunities. The positive feedback received from the participants underscored the webinar’s success in delivering valuable knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the subject.

The webinar commenced with a formal introduction by Dr Sajay K R (Convener, FOSSers Club, (Assto Prof, MCA)  who highlighted the significance of open source software in today’s technological landscape. The introduction was followed by a warm welcome by Mr Ajay Krishnalal  (Student Convener,FOSSers Club).

Mr Necer Ashraf’s presentation covered several critical aspects of open-source software systems, including:

  1. Current Trends: An overview of the latest developments in open-source software, highlighting key trends shaping the industry.
  2. Opportunities: Exploration of the various opportunities open source software presents for students, developers, and businesses.
  3. Career Insights: Guidance on how budding developers and IT professionals can leverage open-source projects to enhance their skills and career prospects.
  4. Security and Management: Best practices for ensuring the security and reliability of open-source software, along with effective management strategies for enterprises.
  5. Industry Impact: Discussion on the influence of open-source software across different industries and its role in driving innovation in emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain.
  6. Future Perspectives: Predictions on the future trajectory of open-source software and its potential to address global challenges.

The webinar also featured an interactive Q&A session, where students had the opportunity to ask Mr. Necer Ashraf questions. Some of the questions included:

  • What are the potential challenges or drawbacks associated with open source software?
  • How can students get involved in open source projects?
  • What skills are most valuable for a career in open source software development?
  • How do open source projects ensure the security and reliability of their software?

Mr Necer provided comprehensive answers and shared practical advice, making the session highly engaging and informative.

The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks by the convener, expressing gratitude to Mr Necer Ashraf for his valuable insights and to all the participants for their active involvement. The event was a resounding success, leaving the attendees inspired and better informed about the exciting world of open-source software systems.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciations to Dr Sajay and the entire FOSSers Club team members  on the successful conduct of the session that, explore recent trend, and find an insight into prospect outlooks and spot emerging opportunities !!!