VSEC conducts session on ‘Importance of 3P’s in our life’

With an aim to introduce the fundamental importance of planning, prioritization of decisions, and effective execution, using interactive and enjoyable activities, Vidya Social Empowerment Center (VSEC) team conducted a dynamic session at the SOS Students Village on 08 June 2024.

The focus was on introducing the significance of Plan, Prioritize and Perform in our lives through engaging activities. The session aimed to educate and entertain, making sure the children not only understood the concepts but also enjoyed the learning experience. The session was led by Ms Jucy Vareed (Asst Prof, CSE Dept) and Ms Jemy Jose Kakkassery (Asst Prof, ECE Dept)

The session was carefully crafted to be both educational and engaging, ensuring that the children comprehended these concepts while having fun during the learning process.

Activities conducted

1. Introduction to Importance of Planning:
-With a short story the importance of planning for a successful result was explained .
– Conducted an activity which focused on importance of Planning. After the activity, a discussion was conducted with students on the impact of ‘Doing things with & without planning’.
2. Interactive game session or prioritizing:
– The children were divided into small groups.
An activity was conducted which focused on importance of Prioritizing and all of them participated with great enthusiasm.
3. Concluding with Importance of Performance.
Divided the children into pairs and conducted a game and from which they sensed the importance of performance.
The entire program was concluded with distributing gifts for first, second and third place holders.

For SOS Children:
– Enhanced Understanding:
– The interactive nature of the session helped the children grasp the concepts of 3P’s more effectively.
– Increased Engagement:
– The fun and engaging activities kept the children interested and motivated to learn.
-Confidence Building:
– Participating in group activities and games boosted the children’s confidence in their math abilities.

The session organized by VSEC at the SOS Students Village was unequivocally successful, fostering an enriching environment for both VSEC members and the children alike. It served as a pivotal opportunity for learning and personal growth. The session significantly enhanced the children’s understanding and readiness. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants underscored the session’s impact and the delight it brought to all involved.

The Editorial Team of News & Events joins the entire Vidya fraternity in extending hearty appreciation to Ms Jucy and Ms Jemy on the successful conduct of the session that imparts essential life values and reinforces its value as a memorable and beneficial experience !!!