FDP On Concepts Coaching

A three day faculty development program on “Concepts Coaching” was conducted at the campus between August 18 and August 20, 2016. This was attended by 26 faculty members from across the Engineering Departments. The sessions were handled by Dr. Manoj AS, Senior Knowledge Officer, ICT Academy of Kerala.

The following faculty members participated in the FDP,

1 Gokul Raveendran K AP, CE
2 Aida Isac P AP, CE
3 Pillu V Mohan AP, ME
4 Prasanth A B AP, ME
5 Nithin Mohan AP, CE
6 Sobha K AP, Applied Science
7 Chaithra Chandran AP, CE
8 Anu Maria Antony AP, CE
9 Manu P R Jr. Lect. HUM
10 Deepa M V AP, CE
11 Parvathy C Panikker AP, CE
12 Aswathy Surendran P AP, ECE
13 Sruthi M AP, ECE
14 Ashitha P R AP, ECE
15 Suraj Rajappan AP, ECE
16 Reshma PG AP, ECE
17 Pretty Lal AP, Applied Science
18 Anjaly S Kumar AP, PE
19 Mahalakshmy A AP, CSE
20 Jiji PJ AP, Applied Science
21 Binitha KM AP, Applied Science
22 Shiny E A AP, Applied Science
23 Ayush K R AP, ME
24 Arun K L AP, ME
25 Salitha K K AP, CSE
26 Rekha Raj C T AP, CSE