Report of FDP on “Essential Mathematics for Engineers”

Vidya Academy of Science and Technology hosted the FDP conducted by APJAKTU in association with ICTA Kerala and Vidya Academy of Science and Technology from 29-11-2016 to 3-12-2016. A total of 67 participants attended the FDP. Out of 67 participants 40 were from ten other colleges and 27 from Vidya Academy of Science and technology. The whole course was covered in 30 hours as suggested by APJAKTU and ICT Academy. All the resource persons were from Vidya Academy of Science and Technology. Dr Satheesh S ,HOD AS dept prepared the schedule for the course. The topics covered are listed in the table below.
Principal, Dr Sudha Balagopalan started the course with a 15 minute talk on the essentiality of mathematics for engineers.The general feedback about the classes were positive. Participants from other colleges were happy about the food and infrastructure offered by VAST. ICTA will take an official feedback about the course through online. HODs and other faculty members who had not registered for the course also attended some of the sessions and gave positive feed backs about the classes.

Executive Director, VICT Er.G Mohanachandran and Finance Director,VICT Mr Suresh Lal were present for the final session where they along with Dr KBM sir has awarded the certificates for the participants. Some photos of the event are attached below. Dr Satheesh S (HOD AS) delivered the vote of thanks in valedictory function.



Resource Person

Concepts Covered


Ordinary D.E,Variational methods, Elementary Concepts

Dr KBM Nambudiripad

Modelling ordinary differential equations of engineering problems, how mathematics is applied in fundamental engineering concepts.


Transform Theory

Dr Sudha Balagopalan

Basics of Fourier, Laplace, Z transforms and its applications in Linear system analysis


Probability, Statistics and Stochastic Processes

Dr Satheesh S

Probability theory and statistics basics, Bayes theorem, random variables, different types of distributions, basics of stochastic processes.



Mr Sudev N K

Fundamental concepts of limits, continuity, differentiability, minima, maxima and integration.


Linear Algebra

Mrs Asha N Nair

Basics of matrices, vector space and solutions of linear equations.


Complex analysis

Mrs Sulochana M V

Analytic functions, complex integration, residue theorem.


Partial Differential Equations

Mrs Bittu Lambi

Partial DE applied to develop heat, wave equations and model vibrations on a string. Solution of PDE using variable separable method.


Vector Calculus

Mr Shiju Aravindakshan M

Basics of vector operations, Coordinate systems and transformation, Del operator, gradient, divergence and Curl. Divergence and Stokes’ Theorem.

essential-mathematics-for-engineers-3 essential-mathematics-for-engineers-2






The following faculty members participalted in the FDP

1 Anjali P Sasidharan CIVIL
2 Nirmala Krishnan CIVIL
3 Sherin K S CIVIL
4 Sivadasan E.T CSE
5 Ayana Ajith CSE
6 Remya P.S CSE
7 Ravishankar S CSE
8 Remisha Ravindran CSE
9 Varun Kesav M N ECE
10 Praveesh V V EEE
11 Dr Nimal Madhu EEE
12 Santumon S D ECE
13 Vandana V CIVIL
14 Chithira Ajeeth CIVIL
15 Nisha Varghese CIVIL
16 Dr.Deepa Mohan CIVIL
17 Dr.Justine Jose CIVIL
18 Ponsy Paul CIVIL
19 Pillu V Mohan ME
20 Suraj Rajappan ECE
21 Anooja V S EEE
22 Renuka V S EEE
23 Krishnakumar M EEE
24 Bevin K C EEE
25 Mary P Varghese EEE
26 Sisira P PE