Two-thirds of MCA faculty have a SCI publication!

Recently, Dr Gangan Prathap, Research Director, VICT, compiled a list of all papers (publications in journals and papers at conferences which are indexed by SCI) where there is at least one author from VAST. The list had 49 items in all; 16 in journals and 33 in proceedings at conferences. This was over the entire history of VAST. In the list, as many as 7 items are journal papers authored by Dr Gangan Prathap himself. Since Dr Gangan Prathap constitutes a different higher level category, it would be more appropriate to claim that publications by VAST faculty proper make up a total of 42 numbers only.

In the list it was noted, with a lot of pride and a little bit of dismay and disbelief, that there were as many as 5 publications of faculty members in the Department of Computer Applications, the smallest academic Department (excluding Humanities) of the College with only 9 faculty members. In percentage terms, this means that about 12% of the total publications have been produced by about 6% of total faculty of the College.

Also, the names of two-thirds of the faculty members of the Department appear in the list.