Workshop on Ethical Hacking

To give awareness about Hacking, ECE Department in association with IT Help desk conducted a three days (17/2/2017 to 19/2/2017) workshop on Ethical Hacking  at MCA Lab, VAST.
Day 1 was opened up by Mrs. Amritha Babu ( AP ECE)explaining the basics about networking, Various OSI layers and packet transferring techniques. After the  first session ,Mrs. Vandana.M (AP ECE) continued  it by explaining the types of Hacking, Different methods in Hacking and an overview about TCP/IP protocol and Kali Linux Commands. Various encryption techniques used in networking, Kali Linux tools and web security was covered by Mrs.Sarika K T ( AP ECE)  in the after noon session. After the three sessions students were given a hands on training on Hacking.
Day 2  was opened up by the warm welcoming of Krishna Prassad, Manager IT division. Sessions in Day 2 and Day 3 were handled by Mr. Danish Elias, CEO Shield hub, Mr.Adonis, Penetration Tester,Shield  Hub and Mr.Antony, Penetration Tester,Shield Hub. The students were given hands on experience in system hacking, WIFI hacking, SQL injection,Session Hijacking, Phishing page creation and Mobile Phone Hacking by the three eminent resource persons.