Vidya NSS units organise Seven Day Special Camp 2017

     The NSS units of the College organised a Seven Day Special Camp during 04-10.09.2017. The Camp was inaugurated by Mr.  Abdul Jabbar Ahamed, Program Coordinator, NSS Technical Cell, Kerala. in a function held in the College Auditorium 0n 04.09.2017. As many as 179 NSS volunteers actively participated in the camp.

Projects completed

  1. Punnarjjani Project at Government Medical College Hospital, Thrissur

The main activity under this project was repairing of hospital equipments. The renovated equipments include cots, tables, oxygen cylinder stands, IV stands, BP apparatus, stretcher trolleys, bed-side lockers, medicine trolleys, wheel chairs, mini-baby incubators, suction apparatus, instrumentation trolleys etc.

Mr. V.  S.  Sunil Kumar, Honorable  Minister for Agriculture, Kerala, inaugurated the activities under the Project at Government Medical College Hospital, Mulankunathukavu, Thrissur, on 05.09.2017. The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Arun P. R. (Associate Program Officer, VAST).  Dr. K. P. Indira Devi, Director of Technical Education, Kerala, presided over the function. The event was felicitated by  Smt. Vijaya Baburaj (President, Avanoor Grama Panchayath) and  Dr. Biju (Superintendent, Government Medical College, Thrissur). Mr. Vishnu P. C. (Volunteer Secretary, VAST) gave vote of thanks. A proclamation rally was also held on the same day.

As part of the seven day camp, during the evening of 05.09.2017, a session on ‘Yoga and Health’ was organised under the leadership of  Mr. Chandran P Velayudhan (State President, Yoga Shastra Parishath).

2. GIS Mapping Project at Government Medical College Hospital,  Thrissur.

The volunteers assigned to the GIS Mapping Project successfully completed the task of creating a map of Government Medical College Hospital, Mulankunnathukavu, with the use of the android app OSMTracker and the OpenStreetMap Website, after completing a survey around the area. The plotted map include details of the different blocks along with the location of main rooms in the hospital building, particulars of all nearby shops with its name and elevations and descriptions of pocket roads, public assets and road names and its types. Around 50 volunteers were actively involved in the survey and completed the project on time.

3. Nagaram Nirmalam Project at Thrissur Corporation

The team assigned to the Nagaram Nirmalam project conducted a survey on ‘Waste Management’ in the various shops and other public areas in  Thrissur Corporation. Around 60 volunteers participated in the survey. They also distributed leaflets regarding waste management to the shop keepers

The seven day camp came to end with a valedictory session on 10.09.2017. OpenStreetMap view of Medical College Hospital, Mulankunnathukavu, Thrissur, can be accessed at the following link: