Software Freedom Day observed with Ubuntu Installation Camp

An Ubuntu Installation Camp was successfully conducted in the College on 14.09.2017 ahead of the Software Freedom Day which falls on the third Saturday of September (which this year happens to be on 16.09.2017). The event was held in the Common Computer Center under the initiative of the FOSSers Club of the College. Students of S3 and S7 B. Tech. (CSE) attended the camp. In the morning session (11:00- 1:00), 11 students from S7 B. Tech. and in the evening session (4:30 – 6:15), 9 students from S3 B. Tech. attended.

The workshop was basically designed for providing a real world experience for students and covered the following aspects,

1. Dual boot Installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
2. Network Configurations
3. User creations
4. Software installation (LaTeX)

Both sessions were handled by Mr. Shali K. R. and technical support was provided by Mr. Jayakumar, Mr. Sreejith, Mr. Arjun, and Mr. Varun.