25 students of 2018 pass out batch selected for recruitment to TCS

Congratulations !

As many as 25 students of the 2018 pass out batches of B Tech and MCA have been selected by TCS Ltd for recruitment after the final interviews held at TCS Centre, Kochi, on December 07, 2017. The selected students are:

Jithkrishna A MCA MCA
Davis Raimon B. Tech CSE
Sreeram TP B. Tech CSE
Amal Babu B. Tech CSE
Jisna Joy B. Tech CSE
Lloyd Babu B. Tech CSE
Amrutha Sujith B. Tech CSE
Aishwarya PG B. Tech CSE
Greeshma Mohandas B. Tech CSE
Kavya AS B. Tech CSE
Sandeep KB B. Tech CSE
Neelima CP B. Tech CSE
Aswathy S B. Tech CSE
Anjali M B. Tech EEE
Nithin K B. Tech EEE
Sarath Chandran B. Tech EEE
Vivek V B. Tech EEE
Visal Pulpetta B. Tech EEE
Fiza Shamsudheen B. Tech ECE
Neelima Nair B. Tech ECE
Tinu Thomas B. Tech ECE
Seethal KR B. Tech ECE
Reshma K B. Tech ECE
Yadhukrishnan B. Tech ECE
Abhijith CPJ B. Tech ME