More news on Vidya’s presence in KETCON

Last week News & Events reported how Vidya had made its presence felt in KETCON 2018 by participating in huge numbers and winning a few prizes (read the news HERE). In the meanwhile a few more pieces of news have come in indicating a more widening of the areas of Vidya’s presence than previously reported.

KSCSTE-TEKON 2018 Project contest

Ms Chinju Paul (M Tech CSE) participated in the project contest KSCSTE-TEKON 2018 hosted by Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology and demonstrated her innovation titled “An IoT Based Smart Classroom System”  prepared under the guidance of Mr Amal Ganesh (AP CSE Dept). The project  has been provisionally approved for a financial assistance of Rs. 21,000 under INNOVATE Scheme of KSCSTE-2018.


CE faculty chaired an event in KETCON-2018


Dr. Deepa Mohan (Asso. Prof., CE Dept) chaired the Paper & Poster Presentation Contest in the track “Innovations in Civil Engineering” held as part of KETCON-2018.



CSE Faculty chaired an event in KETCON-2018

Ms Beena M V (AP, CSE Dept) has served as an external judge for the Paper Presentation Contest in the track “Development in Computer Applications” in KETCON -2018.

Vidya students participate in KSCSTE-TEKON 2018 Project contest

Mr. Sandeep K B, Ms Mridhula V Mohan, Ms Saivandana V B and Mr Sachin from (S8 B Tech CSE B) participated in the Project Contest KSCSTE-TEKON 2018 and demonstrated their innovation titled “Quality Analysis and Estimation of Freshness and Pesticide Residue in Non Organic Fruits and Vegetables using IoT ” prepared under the guidance of Ms Nitha K P (AP, CSE Dept).