VYVIDH 2K18: Two-day TechFest in College

Vyvidh 2K18 was a two-day technological extravaganza organised by the students of the College on 16th and 17th March 2018. Each academic Dept of the College had a separate set of events with a unique name all together creating a TechFest in the College: Civil Engineering Department’s VASTATVA, Computer Science Department’s DESTROY THE DECIBEL, Electronics and Communications Department’s ROBOWAR, Electrical and Electronics Department’s ELECTRO ILLUSSION, Mechanical Engineering Department’s AGNICHAKRA, Production Engineering Department’s PROTO and MCA Department’s RADON were the Departmrent events. The Departments had also organized several intellectual events and fun games for the entertainment of the viewers.

A Project Expo and a Paper Presentation Competition with cashe prizes of Rs.12K and Rs.10K were also part of the programmes.

During these two days, the College was on AIR live through a FM Radio Station. Through this facility, uninterrupted flow of fun and entertainments were transmitted.

The final event of Vyvidh’18 was a music band competition named VYBHAV. The famous playback singer Sooraj Santhosh was the Chief Guest. Through his dynamic performance, he took the whole audience into an amazing experience. After his performance, the music band competition was held where various teams from different colleges participated and prizes worth 50K were distributed to the winners.