First PhD under CSDM collaboration

The Centre for Studies in Discrete Mathematics (CSDM) is a specialist centre in the Applied Sciences Dept of the College devoted to pursuing research in all areas of discrete mathematics. The Centre is publishing a peer reviewed international research journal “Contemporary Studies in Discrete Mathematics ” (e-ISSN 2581-3676) which can be accessed freely in the web. Ms. Smitha Rose (Sr. Jesual), a researcher at Christ University, spent almost an year in the College collaborating with Dr N K Sudev, the Coordinator of CSDM and the main intellectual force behind the activities of the Centre. The fact that the collaboration was indeed fruitful is evidenced by the fact Sr Smitha could produce nine research articles as a result of her joint work with Dr Sudev.

Dr Sudev now reports that Ms Smitha Rose, the first research collaborator of CSDM, has defended her PhD thesis titled “A Study on Certain Chromatic Parameters and Polynomials of Graphs” at Christ University, Bengaluru on 21.04.2017.