ECE faculty members attend one-week FDP at NIT Calicut

Three Assistant Professors in the ECE Dept of the College – Mr Ramesh C R, Ms Divya Unni and Ms Ashitha P R – participated in a one-week MHRD TEQIP-II Faculty Development Programme on “Analog & Mixed Signal Circuits for CMOS Intelligent Sensors” organized by NIT Calicut under the twinning programme with GEC, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, during 9 – 14 July 2018. The various sessions were handled by experts from industries and academia.

Here is a brief account of the various activities conducted as part of the FDP.

Day 1: (09/07/2018)

During the FN session, Dr S Gopikrishna (AP, NIT Calicut) discussed about the basic MOSFET structure, operations and small signal parameter models. During the AN session, Mr B Bhuvan (AP, NIT Calicut) talked about the design and analysis of Single Stage and Operational Amplifiers currently used in sensor circuits as well as in the CMOS technology. This was followed by a talk by Dr Dhanaraj K J (AP, NIT Calicut) on the various methodologies used in generating reference currents and voltages in a CMOS/MOS based integrated circuits.

Day 2 (10/07/2018)

In the FN sessions, Mr B Bhuvan discussed about the design and analysis of Two Stage and Operational Amplifiers and the role of switched capacitors in CMOS technology. The AN session was devoted to practical classes which covered the usage of CADENCE – Virtuoso Tool for various types of design and analysis in CMOS technologies.

Day 3 (11/07/2018)

In the FN session, Dr Dhanaraj K J explained how active filters were designed and implemented in CMOS circuits. The session was followed by a talk by Mr Sabu Paul, Analog Design Engineer, Texas Instruments, Bangalore. The talk by Mr Sabu Paul continued during the AN session. This was followed by a talk by Dr Lintu Rajan (AP, NIT Calicut) who shared his experience in fabricating and testing Hydrogen Gas sensors.

Day 4 (12/07/2018)

The FN session was started with a talk by Dr Dhanaraj K J on bio-inspired sensors. The AN session was handled by Dr Gajendranth C (AP, IITH) who took the entire participants on a journey through the various fab labs in the world and finally discussed the various sub-nA circuit design techniques.

Day 5 (13/07/2018)

During the FN session, Dr Mukul Sarkar (Professor, IITD) gave an exposition on modern teaching pedagogies and methods through the discussion on various noise sources in image sensors. The AN session was devoted to practical classes.

Day 6 (14/07/2018)

The last day of the FDP began with a brief discussion on MEMS Sensors by Dr Suja K J (AP, NIT Calicut) followed by demonstration lab on COMSOL Multiphysics simulation tool and Covertorware Simualtion tool used for modelling, simualtion, study and virtual fabrication of sensors. The lab session was handled by Ms Lakshmi and Mr Nishanth A, PhD Scholars, NIT Calicut.