New academic year begins with lots of expectations

The new academic year 2018-19 of the College was formally started on 01 August 2018 with the commencement of regular classes for all batches of students with the sole exception of First Semester MCA batch. The classes for First Semester MCA could not be started because the admissions to the batch have not been completed.

The classes started in an ambience filled with a lot of hope, expectations and anticipation. The instituting is basking in the glory of the recent achievement of the “five stars” of the ECE Dept in securing an award of Rs 5 lakhs from Texas Instruments for developing an innovative product designed by them and the filing for a patent application for the same. This is for first time a student of Vidya is filing a patent application, and perhaps, it is for first time a student of any Engineering College in Kerala (including NIT) is filing a patent application.

The College has a change of guard at the top. Dr Saji C B has assumed charge as Principal and the incumbent Principal, Dr Sudha Balagopalan has assumed the role of Dean – Academics to lead research and other higher academic activities in the College. The College has decided to experiment with new timings for lecture schedules to better organise various curricular activities in the College. One major highlight of the revised timings is the different timings of the lunch-breaks for the first year B Tech students and the senior students.

In a Semester Flag Off meeting held on 30.07.2018 in the College Auditorium, the Principal talked at length about the goals the College has to achieve and the various milestones the College has to pass in the difficult journey ahead.

Vidya’s journey ahead is surely tough and is full of thorns, but it is absolutely sure that Vidya will scale greater and greater heights in the years come.