Small steps lead to big steps! An exploratory campus walk by first year students

Indeed, it is the small steps that lead to big steps and which in turn lead to bigger and bigger steps.

On 04 October 2018, under the directions of Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, a group of first year B Tech students undertook a tour of the campus with the idea of understanding the power sources, water resources and the land use pattern of the campus. The tour specifically looked at

  • all sources of electric power for the college: KSEB, generators with switch yard, solar power system, uninterrupted power supply arrangement etc.;
  • water resources: wells, both open and bored, pumping and purification arrangements, recycling, harvesting; and
  • land use pattern: built up area vs. green carpeted area, Nakshathra Vanam, Oushadha udyanam, and bio-gas plant arrangements etc.

The students who had participated in the programme were members of the recently formed group for Minor Research & Projects at VAST

The NSS volunteers lent a helping hand in organising the tour. The students had been divided into groups and each group was accompanied by a faculty member. Even though each could visit only one of the targeted facilities, it was an eye opener to the students. It made them realise how little we knew about our immediate surroundings.