Two research papers from CSE department

Two research papers authored by faculty members (Ms Sunitha (Asso Prof) and Mr Amal Ganesh (AP)) and students of the CSE Dept of the College were presented in the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Inventive Computational Technologies (ICICT – 2018) organized by RVS Technical Campus during November 15-16 at Coimbatore.

  • “Methods of large scale text classification in Natural Language Processing” authored by Rohini N, Sunitha C, Amal Ganesh and Neethu Subramanian
  • “Prognosis of heart disease using data mining techniques” authored by Neethu Subramanian, Amal Ganesh, Sunitha C and Rohini N

IEEE Xplore Part Number : CFP18F70-ART

IEEE Xplore ISBN : 978-1-5386-4985-5