Vidya students present “Closed Drainage Mud Waste Collection Device” in an International Conference

A paper titled “Closed Drainage Mud Waste Collection Device (CDMWCD)” and authored jointly by Adel Kabeer, Sylvester N J , Amal P Benny, Adharsh V V (all of S7 B Tech  ME batch) , Sarath Peter (S7 B Tech CSE) along with Ms Swapana E V M (AP, ECE Dept) was presented in the International Conference on Innovative Science and Technology organised by  Sarabai Institute of Science and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, 0n 27 November 2018. The project leading to the preparation and presentation of the paper was mentored by Ms Swapana E V M (IEDC Nodal Officer and AP, ECE Dept).

The device, the details of which had been presented in the paper, was proposed to be used in partially closed drainage systems to collect mud and other waste materials. All the mechanical motions for collecting the waste and to scatter the bleaching powder on the floor base of the drainage could be done using this device. This was made possible by forward and backward movements and these movements could be controlled remotely. With the help of an Arduino board and a wireless camera, the system could be monitored by giving a clear picture of the closed drainage.