IEDC organises Kerala Start Up Mission funded FDP on Innovation Thinking, Research and Funding

The IEDC VAST, under the leadership of its Nodal Officer Ms Swapana E V M, has come up with a lot of innovative ideas for popularising the concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship in the College and has secured Govt patronage for several of its programmes. Recently, the Kerala Startup Mission  funded the organisation of a two-day Faculty Development Proogramme (FDP) on “Innovation Thinking, Research and Funding” in the College under the auspices of IEDC VAST. The FDP was held on 6 – 7 December 2018.

Dr Swapna Kumar (Head, ECE Dept) inaugurated the programme and Dr Saji C B, Principal, facilitated the event.  Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, presided over the inaugural function.

The programme started off  with a talk on entrepreneurship by Dr Shajee Damodaran which was followed by an interactive session based on the theme of how a faculty could also have an entrepreneurial mind set. Later Ms Swapana E V M (IEDC Nodal Officer, IIC Convenor, AP, ECE Dept)  conducted a session based on “commutative thinking” and “design thinking” which was a fully interactive session. During the afternoon session, the techniques of document preparation using LaTex and Beamer were presented by Mr Arun Xavier (AP, EEE Dept). Prof K B M Nambudiripad (Visiting Professor, ME Dept) explained the case studies of interdisciplinary project areas.

On the second day, the session  started off with a demonstration of  a flipped classroom which  provided some insights to participants on how to make classes more interactive and enjoyable. This was conducted by Mr Alex Chacko  (AP, ME Dept). Later Dr Sudha Balagopalan, handled a session on research funding. There was a a session on research methodology presented by Dr Sandhya Satheesh.

 Ms Salkala K S (AP, MCA Dept), Ms Ashwathi (AP, CSE Dept), Ms Nisha (AP, CE Dept) and Ms Rachana (AP, AS Dept) helped in  co-coordinating the venue, registration arrangements and certificate distribution. Mr Ashwin (AP EEE Dept) and Mr Sreekanth (AP, EEE Dept) took care of the food and transportationarrangements. Also Mr Ashwin (AP, ECE Dept) was  the technical coordinator of the event and the media coordination was taken care of by Mr Sreekumar  of IT  division. Mr Alex Chacko (AP, ME Dept) was the program coordinator and Ms Swapana E V M was the Event Convenor of the FDP.