They celebrated Xmas like anything!

Even though the decision to hold the Xmas celebrations was taken at short notice and the tension and heat of the University examinations were palpable in the air, the students of Vidya organised Xmas celebrations with all their hearts and spirits and they celebrated like anything. The faculty and staff of the College also joined in the celebrations. Luckily for all, there was no University examination on that day and the Xmas holidays were to begin on the next day.
The Xmas celebrations of the students were held on 21 December 2018.  As in the previous years, the events of the day were organised under the auspices of the Department Associations. There were cultural programmes, fun events, and of course the much anticipated cake-cutting also. There were processions taken out in the street outside the campus.  It was a sight to be seen with Santa Clauses in every nook and corner of the campus.
The Student Senate of Vidya organised a separate celebration with the house-keeping personnel of Vidya.

Who was Jesus?

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