Vidya’s student projects exhibited at SN College, Alathur

Vidya participated in an All-India Science Exhibition held at SN College, Alathur, during 8 –  11 February 2019 by setting up a stall showcasing the achievements of Vidya and also some of the much praised student projects.  It was a huge succcess in terms of footfalls it received. Preliminary estimates indicate that the Exhibition attracted more than 10000 visitors from various schools in Palakkad and Malappuram Districts. Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept), Ms Vidhya (AP, Chemistry) and Mr Thankachan (Trade Instructor, PE Dept) led ad the team. The team from Vidya held  workshops on assembling computers and LED tubes and bulbs. Automatic cradle and  the non-invasive haemoglobin tester developed by students of Vidya and exhibited in Vidya’s stall were of great interest to the visitors. Virtual Reality and Maze Robo were the items of main attraction to school children.

The following are some of the items exhibited in Vidya’s stall:

  1. Automatic Cradle
  2. Shick Gun
  3. Hain- CO
  4. Home Automation
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Haemoglobin Tester
  7. Plastic Bricks
  8. Maze Robo
  9. Computer Flappy Bird

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