Vidya renews membership in Oracle Academy

Vidya Academy of Science and Technology has renewed its membership with Oracle Academy. Oracle Academy is a part of the global IT giant Oracle Corporation and it aims to advance computer science education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. Oracle Academy leverages Oracle’s global technology leadership to offer a complete portfolio of computer science education resources with the goal of helping students become college and career ready.

To support continuous computer science learning at all levels, Oracle Academy provides a variety of resources that can be used in the classroom and in not-for-profit academic courses and research. These resources include technology, curriculum and course-ware, student workshops, educator training, and Oracle industry certification and examination preparation materials. Students can develop IT and business skills using these production software which is widely across hundreds of industries and educators can keep pace with current technology through ongoing professional development.

Students and faculty of Vidya can register online by selecting the institute and upon approval avail the various offerings from Oracle Academy at: