NSS units organise Seven Day Special Camp 2019

The NSS units of Vidya organized a seven-day Special Camp during 11 – 17 April 2019. The activities conducted during the camp included:

  • GIS mapping at Choondal Panchayath
  • AMRUT survey at Thrissur and Guruvayur
  • Punarjjani at Guruvayur, Kadangodu and Anthikad Govt. Ayurvedic Hospitals
  • Construction of water tank
  • Eco works and cleaning programms

The volunteers were divided into different groups and assigned different tasks. Around 207 NSS Volunteers attended the special camp under the guidance of Mr Anil M (NSS Programme Officer), Mr Cinto P A (NSS Programme Officer) and Ms Mahalakshmy A (NSS Programme Officer). Mrs Ajitha S (Programme Coordinator, NSS Technical Cell, Kerala) visited the camp, interacted with NSS volunteers and gave positive feedback about the camp.

Images of the Special camp

Orientation camp

The NSS units also organised a Pre-camp orientation programme on 08 April 2019  for the new  volunteers attending the Special Camp. About 140 students were present for the orientation. The senior NSS volunteers explained about the details of the camp. A few NSS volunteers also shared their previous experiences to encourage the young volunteers.

Images of the orientation programme