“Know Ramayana Parayanam More”

The MCA Dept of the College has recently released an Android app christened Ramayana Parayanam to help read the full text and to hear a musical rendering of the full text of the Malayalam classic Adhyathma Ramayanam by Thunchath Ezhuthachhan who is considered as the father of modern Malayalam language. From the number of downloads – 10K+ in three days and 23K+ in one week – it appears that the app has been well received by the general public in Kerala.

The MCA Dept of the College organised a small programme christened “Know Ramayana Parayana More” at 11.00 am on 17 July 2019 in the Main Seminar Hall to formally introduce the app to Vidya family members. Ms Jyothibai Pariyadath whose Ramayana renditions have been made available through the app participated in the programme as Chief Guest.

Jyothibai Pariyadath

She talked at length about her getting introduced to the idea of making available the Ramayana as YouTube videos, her struggles, her successes and about her happiness in becoming a part of such a hugely successful Android app. She also recited the first few lines of the Sundara Kanda of Adhyathma Ramayanam. Listening to her was a mesmerizing experience for all the participants.

Thunchath Ezhuthachhan

After a formal welcome address by Ms Salkala K S (AP, MCA Dept), Dr V N Krsihnachandran (Prof and Head, MCA Dept) explained the salient features of the app. He also explained the various ways in which the app could be used. Dr Saji C B, Principal, Er G Mohanachandran, Executive Director and Dr Latha Raj, Director-Student Welfare and Social Projects participated in the programme as special invitees and offered felicitations. Mr Sajay K R (Asso Prof, MCA Dept) and Shadia Shaji (student of S4 MCA) also spoke on the occasion. The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks by Ms Siji K B (AP, MCA Dept).


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