They unleash their engineering creativity!

The students who have joined Vidya only less than a month ago and who are currently undergoing a Bridge Course in the College,  came out with a bundle of surprises when they presented a set of projects on the inaugural day of the Induction Programme for the 2019 admission batch of students held on 22 July 2019. While minimal guidelines like the structure of the grouping and the mode of operation had been given to the students, all the work beginning from the formation of the concept  to the development of the finished product was entirely done by the student groups. The students adhered to the suggested pattern with two or more students in charge of all material collection, two students working as design leaders, two as implementation/technical officers, two as documentation managers and two as publicity officers. Many staff members of Vidya also lent a helping hand to the students in completing the projects.

A brief detail of the completed projects are given below:

Sl. No. Brief Title of Project Members Brief description
1 App for patients/ bystanders: Medilook Anand K S, Aadhithye, Adhwaith, Amritha Anand, Azhar, Guruprasad, Parvathy, Hannath, Som Kumar Information about various pharmacies, location, contact, stock, cost for typed in medicine for patients/ bystanders.
2 Incinerator
3 Cleaning Robot Franjo, Albin, Harsh, Jayakrishnan, Rohit, Abilash, Anjana, Archana, Niyatha, Baghyalakshmi, Annmariya, Ashna Using Arduino and principles of vacuum cleaners a smart vacuum cleaner is designed with auto-drain and auto-clear technologies.
4 Mechanical structure: Tree Ashish R, Alishan Ashraf, Rithi Suresh, Sandra Mariya,  Anjali, Khadeeja Rumaisa, Athulkrishna A,  Nikhil,  Arsha, Akshay, Akhilesh, Sraavan Welded together a combination of gear trains, piston, sprockets, chains etc and spray painted to build a huge mechanical tree for installation at college,
5 Plastic bottle rain shelter in Nakshathravanam Pooja, Aiswarya, Akshay, Aswin, Elwin, Jeevan,  Binto, Swathi, Ajay, Sanjay.
6 Reuse of Plastic Bottles Sidharth KS, Athira Cahandran, Abhinand Prasad, Aswathy Mohan, Sneha Shaju
Gopika K, Athul S Menon, Athul Suresh
7 Water level controller
Cleaning Robot

Water Level Controller

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