ME faculty completes two online courses: a great appetite for learning!

Mr Aadars M S (AP, ME Dept) recently completed  two online courses; a great appetite for learning!

  • A course titled “Generative Modeling – Design Based Structural Optimisation” offered through on 22 July 2019. ( is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults. Unlike academic massive open online course (MOOC) programs which are driven by traditional collegiate coursework, Udemy uses content from online content creators to sell for profit.Udemy provides tools which enable users to create a course, promote it and earn money from student tuition charges. No Udemy courses are currently credentialed for college credit; students take courses largely as a means of improving job-related skills. (Wikipedia))
  • A course on “Python for Data Science” offered by, an IBM initiative on 26 July 2019.


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Dr Ramachandran N

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