“That student was injecting insulin while the teacher was taking classes!”

The teacher noticed some unusual activity happening while she was taking classes. The student involved was identified. The student was not known to a trouble maker, instead, the student was known to be a hard working, well behaved and disciplined student. The student was called to the faculty room and interrogated. To the great shock and surprise of all present, the student said he/she was injecting insulin while the teacher was taking class and, may have to continue this for some more days! Due to certain special circumstances, the student happened to have a temporary huge increase in blood sugar level which could be brought under control only by regular doses of insulin injection. According to the student, the doctors have said that this condition may not last for ever; the patient would be having normal blood sugar levels soon without any assistance of insulin injection. The Editorial Team is withholding from publication the identity particulars of the student to preserve the student’s privacy.

The above story was reported to News & Events by a faculty member of Vidya and the Editorial Team felt that the story is worth publishing in these pages. The story is illustrative of certain infrequently reported aspects of the campus life of Vidya: how closely teachers interact with students, under how bad circumstances certain students are pursuing studies, what emotional support teachers give to students, and the like.

An appeal to faculty and staff members

The incident recounted above may only be a small instance of several students who pursue higher education in severe adverse circumstances. In a community of nearly 3000 students of Vidya, there would certainly be students pursuing studies under even more severe adverse circumstances. Group tutors closely interacting with students would definitely be knowing such students. The Editorial Team of News & Events appeals to all faculty and staff members to bring to the attention of News & Events stories of such instances. Such stories may motivate and inspire others to realize their true potential and to aspire for higher goals in life.