Great success story from the placement front: Twenty-six students placed with TCS!

Since last year there are major changes sweeping the fresher placement or the fresher recruitment processes across the country. Top recruiting companies in our country like TCS / Wipro/ Infosys etc. have changed their recruitment model and are now increasingly selecting the freshers through coding contests, through national level competitive placement exams and through hackathons.

Another approach which is adopted by several other companies is by shortlisting candidates through national level exams like AMCAT / WHEEBOX West / TCS iON/ etc. These exams essentiall test the students’ general aptitude, subject knowledge, language skills, programming skills, etc. Notably, computer programming is gaining prominence in almost all placement assessment processes.

This year, twenty-six final year students from the 2020 pass out batches of Vidya have been  placed with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) after their national level qualification test followed by interviews at their Kochi / Thiruvananthapuram offices.

Of the twenty six students selected by TCS, Sebastian T F from CSE department has been placed under the TCS Digital Services scheme with a starting annual pay pack of Rs. 7 lakh. The other twenty five students are placed with the TCS “Ninja” service line. Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Name of the student Course Discipline
Nanditha Varma N B. Tech CE-B
Abhirami Susith B. Tech CSE-A
Anusree TS B. Tech CSE-A
Ashly Thomas P B. Tech CSE-A
Aswathy Ajith B. Tech CSE-A
Athira B. Tech CSE-A
Deepak P Surendran B. Tech CSE-A
Divya Mariya Raphy B. Tech CSE-A
Lustre P Shaju B. Tech CSE-B
Meghna Nair B. Tech CSE-B
Sandra Sreekumar B. Tech CSE-B
Sebastian TF B. Tech CSE-B
KV  Ajay B. Tech ECE-B
Shanu Joshva Wilson B. Tech ECE-B
Archana Paulson B. Tech EEE
Deepthi MV B. Tech EEE
Mohammed Shahul Hameed B. Tech EEE
Amal M S B. Tech ME-A
Kishan S Karun B. Tech ME-B
Vivek K N B. Tech ME-B
Poornima  Sankar M. Tech
Raveena Ravindran M. Tech
Aashrith  N MCA
Irene Babu MCA
Shadiya  Shaji MCA
Swati  P MCA