ECE Dept organises two-day workshop for Diploma students

The ECE Dept of Vidya organized a two-day fully hands-on workshop on “Embedded Programming on 9- 10 December, 2019 for the final year students of Polytechnic Colleges. The objective of the workshop was to provide an introduction to and to create an awareness about embedded programming based hardware and software tools through hands-on training on embedded systems design using ATMEGA238P micro controller. The workshop received a good response with more than 60 registrations from various Polytechnic Colleges.

During the first day of the workshop, Mr Ramesh C R (AP,  ECE Dept) led the lecture sessions in which the students were given a detailed introduction to embedded systems design using ATMEGA 238 P micro controller.  In the hands-on sessions, students were given on-board training on embedded programming, digital write and read, serial programming, analog write and read etc. Mr Ramesh C R and Mr Rakesh V S (AP,  ECE Dept) helped and guided the students in doing the embedded programming and conducting the experiments on ATMEGA238 P micro controller. The hands-on session continued during the second day of the workshop also.

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