Alumni achievement

RivLET  was a hardware project  related to intelligent water management system developed by a team of Vidya’s alumni and which had been awarded the second prize in the Smart India Hackathon (Hardware Edition) 2018.  The team comprising of , Vyshak P P and Mohamed Sahin V A (all of B Tech CSE 2019 pass out batch) has been inducted to ProtoSem 19.2. ProtoSem is a 20-week course offered as a comprehensive skills and competency programme by Forge Accelerator, a business consultancy company based in Coimbatore.

There is a huge loss of freshwater due to leakages and theft that are common during transportation to localities. Government subsidies allotted for water purification and supply are also being diverted and misused. A proper water tracking and management system is the need of the hour. The team from Vidya developed their project to solve the above problem and won the second prize in Smart India Hackathon 2018. The system shall detect such losses and alert the authorities in case of leakage or theft and thereby help the government minimize monetary losses.