CSE students complete various online courses

As many as 31 students of S6 CSE A, under the tutorship of Ms.Divya K V (AP, CSE Dept), completed various online courses under online education platform. The courses completed by the students were :

  • “Getting Started with Python” by Michigan University from Coursera (1 student)
  • “PYTHON” from Coursera (1 student)
  • “HTML Fundamentals” (22 students), “CSS Fundamentals” (1 student), “JavaScript” (3 students), “jQuery Tutorial” (1 student), “WEB Technology” (2 students), “SQL” (8 students), “C++ Tutorial Course” (1 student), “Java” (2 students), “Swift 4 Fundamentals” (1 student) and “Python Fundamentals” (2 students) by SoloLearn