eSpiderZ contest: Prize winners

As far the eSpiderZ contest is concerned, this year is special: This year’s contest is the decennial edition of the eSpiderZ contest the MCA Dept has been organising every year for the last several years. The contest is to create a website using the free tools available in Google Sites and participation in the contest is generally restricted to students of the MCA Dept. As usual, this year also the organisers received some very nice entries. After careful scrutiny, the following students were selected as the prize winners. The prizes and certificates will be distributed in a meeting to be convened after full normalisation of the College activities after the national lockdown has been lifted.

The Editorial Team of News & Events join the faculty and staff of the MCA Dept in congratulating the winners of the contest.

Prize Winner Prize winning website (click on the link below to view the website)
First 1. Amitha Arun (S6 MCA)
2. Harikrishna V (S4 MCA)
Second 1. Aashrith N (S6 MCA)
2. Jayasree M C S4 MCA
3. Sukrutha M S S4 MCA
Home pages of prize winning websites