A week of competitions, contests and challenges by NSS

NSS volunteers of Vidya arranged a variety of competitions, contests and challenges on a daily basis during this period of lock down. Without sitting idle at home, they were trying to improve their creativity and other skills through these contests.

12 May 2020 (Monday) Movie review contest Participants shared the reviews of the best films that they had watched during lock down period.
13 May 2020 (Tuesday) TikTok challenge To show case acting skill of volunteers.
14 May 2020 (Wednesday) Description contest Participants described a favorite personality in their life.
Write up competition Participants expressed their opinion about online classes during lock down period.
15 May 2020 (Thursday) Selfie contest
Quarantine special outlook contest Participants shared their photos with trendy outfit.
16 May 2020 (Friday) Musica contest Musical contest for participants.
Spread the light challenge As a part of International Light Day, honouring the dedication and sacrifice of those who work in the medical field and as a prayer to those who suffer from COVID-19.
17 May 2020 (Saturday) Planta Veggie challenge Volunteers were encouraged to plant a vegetable.
La edicion Participants were asked to edit a small portion a film and to create a small story related to that.
18 May 2020 (Sunday) Food recipe challenge Volunteers shared recipes of their own.
My Tree challenge Contestants shared their pictures with a tree that they planted.


Movie review contest

Tik Tok challenge

Description contest

Write up competition

Selfie contest

Quarantine special outlook contest

Musica contest

Spread the light challenge

Planta Veggie challenge

La edicion

Food recipe challenge

My Tree challenge