S4 MTech (ES) students complete NPTEL courses

The students of S4 M Tech (Embedded Systems) batch successfully completed various NPTEL online certification courses of the January’2020 in areas related to their main project. These students have registered for the final examination. But NPTEL could not conduct the final online examination due to the COVID-19 induced national lockdown. So a modified pass certificate based on the average assignment score was issued to the students. NPTEL is planning to conduct the final examination in February 2021.The details of the courses are listed below.

Sl No. Name of student Name of Project Guide Project Topic Institute offering the course
1 Aleena K B Vandana M Introduction to Machine Learning IIT Madras
2 Amrutha P Ajayan Divya Unni    ,,    ,,
3 Anju K Ajayan Jemy Jose    ,,    ,,
4 Athira Palakkal Jemy Jose    ,,    ,,
5 Henna David Rakesh V S    ,,    ,,
6 Nithin K M Dr S Swapna Kumar)    ,,    ,,
7 Shilpa C Venugopal Sruthi M    ,,    ,,
8 Sreelakshmy P S Divya Unni    ,,    ,,
9 Anju K Ajayan Sarika K T Cryptography & Network Security IIT Kharagpur
10 Haritha M H Sarika K T    ,,    ,,
11 Surya Sasidharan Ashitha P R    ,,    ,,
12 Nithin K M Dr S Swapna Kumar Python for Data Science IIT Madras
13 Raveena Ravindran Ramesh C R Robotics and Control: Theory & Practise IIT Roorkee
14 Shreya P U Ramesh C R Programming in C++ IIT Kharagpur