The stops in the Ten-Stop Tour of Fundamatics!

The 10-Stop Tour of Fundamatics was an ambitious project of the Applied Sciences Dept of the College: Designing and delivering an online course in the fundamental concepts of mathematics tailored to strengthen the mathematical foundations of higher secondary school students. The Dept identified ten key topics in mathematics a knowledge of which needs strengthening, and christened the online course as a “Ten-stop Tour of Fundamatics”!

The online course was flagged off in a an online ceremony conducted on 20 July 2020. As many as 172 participants attended the inauguration programme.

Ten-stop Tour of Fundamatics flagged off

The ten stops during the tour!
Stop 1 Number System Content – Dr Susanth C, Associate Professor, DoAS
Application – Anuja Chandran, S4 B Tech ECE A LET
Quiz – Dr Susanth C
Activity – Dr Susanth C
Stop 2 Algebraic Equations – Single variable Content – Vismaya V Nair, S4 Tech CE B
Application – Poornima B, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Dr Siju K C
Activity – Dr Siju K C
Stop 3 Quadratic Equations Content – Ms Jiji P J, Assistant Professor, DoAS
Appplication – Ardra T K, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Ms Jiji P J
Activity – Ms Jiji P J
Stop 4 Algebraic Equations – Two variables Content – Ms Shiny E A, Assistant Professor, DoAS
Application – Anand Benny, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Ms Shiny E A
Activity – Ms Shiny E A
Stop 5 Matrices Content – Ms. Rachana Sajeev, Assistant Professor, DoAS
Appplication – Neethu S, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Ms Rachana Sajeev
Activity – Ms Rachana Sajeev
Stop 6 Functions Content – Dr Siju K C, Assistant Professor, DoAS
Appplication – Neethu S, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Dr Siju K C
Activity – Dr Siju K C
Stop 7 Limits Content – Ms Binitha K M, Assistant Professor, DoAS  Appplication – Saranya S, S4 Tech CE B
Quiz – Ms Binitha K M
Activity – Ms Binitha K M
Stop 8 Continuity Content – Ms Ida David, Assistant Professor, DoAS, VAST
Application – Sayuj K S , S4 Tech CE B
Quiz – Ms. Ida David
Activity – Ms Ida David
Stop 9 Differentiation Content – Ms Bittu Lambi, Associate Professor, DoAS
Appplication – Meenu T R , S4 Tech CE B
Quiz – Ms Bittu Lambi
Activity – Ms Bittu Lambi
Stop 10 Complex Numbers Content – Ms Nisha A B, Associate Professor, DoAS
Appplication – Amarjith K, S4 Tech ECE A
Quiz – Ms Nisha A B
Activity – Ms Nisha A B

Each day the class was scheduled at 10 a.m.and the tasks (quiz and assignment) were to be completed by 8 p.m. The you tube link of the content and application videos were posted in the classroom on each day.

  1. Arjun Valsalan – Bethany St Johns HSS, Kunnamkulam, Kerala
  2. Ahalya V – Sandeepani Vidya Nikethan, Kerala
  3. Murari Jee – UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh
  4. Ann Mariya Limpson – St. Raphael HSS Ollur, Kerala
  5. Krishna M S – St Raphael CGHSS, Ollur, Kerala
  6. Muhammed Anas, GHSS Maranchery, Kerala
Valedictory function

The valedictory function of the course  started at 10.30 am on 31t July 2020 in the presence of Er G Mohanachandran, Executive Director, Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean Academics, Dr V N Krishnachandran, Vice Principal, Mr Suresh Lal, Finance Director, Heads of Departments, faculty members, students of Vidya and participants of the online course. Dr Siju K C, Convener, welcomed the gathering. Principal Dr Saji C B in his presidential address congratulated the team for taking this novel initiative. A brief report on the online course was given by Dr Siju K C. Dr Sudha Balagopalan presented the valedictory address by highlighting the outcome of research gone into the design of the course that helped in associating the heterogeneous group of participants to the heterogeneous method of reaching the content and real life applications of mathematics. Special thanks were conveyed to the NSS team for having supported the tour by creating an excellent video on the Importance of Mathematics in real life in a short period of time. Ms Binitha K M announced and congratulated the prize winners. Er G Mohanachandran congratulated and presented the visual certificate to the topper Mr Arjun Valsalan. Participants Evelin Rose Joju, Devamatha CMI Public School, Jaleela Jacob P, LFCGHSS Mammiyur and Murari Jee, UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh in their individual live feedbacks, thanked the team for having taken them through the magical world of maths with fun. Ms Ida David proposed the vote of thanks.

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