Second group of CSE students complete internship at Bennett University

As many as seven students of the CSE Dept successfully completed the online internship on “AI & Deep Learning” offered by at Bennett University in Slot 2. It was a six weeks intensive internship work from 1 June to 10 July 2020. Initially the students were offered a 3-day workshop on “AI & Deep Learning”. After the training, the students were grouped with 4-5 members from different colleges from all over India to work on a deep learning project under the guidance of a mentor. A panel of four evaluators including the mentor assessed the performance of each group and the completion of the project at the last week of internship. The certificates of internship completion were awarded to the students who have successfully completed their projects. The students who secured above 70% were refunded with the amount that was collected from them at the time of registration. All seven interns have successfully carried out their projects and obtained the internship completion certificate.

The projects

The details of projects completed by the students as part of the internship  are listed below:

Name of the Student Semester & Batch Project Title
Anaswara Asokan S4 MTech CSE Sentimental analysis of Amazon review using deep learning techniques
Anjali C A S4 MTech CSE A web based module for identification of pneumonia using deep learning
Anu Paulson S4 MTech CSE Disease identification in kharif crops
Poornima Sankar S4 MTech CSE Real time video enhancement using a single image super resolution
Krishnaprabha K K S4 MTech CSE Module on English to Hindi neural machine translation
Gayathri Ananthakrishnan S6 B Tech CSE A Denying the entrance of a person inside the premises without mask
Godwin Inasu S6 B Tech CSE A A fusion of content and visual features for effective Fake News Detection Using Deep Learning Techniques
What the participants say

Poornima Sankar,

S4, M.Tech

My Virtual Summer Internship 2020 in Bennett University, under the initiative of provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better knowledge in the Machine Learning field. Students from different universities across India joined the internship. I have joined for the moment space that began on 1st June 2020 to 10th July 2020.

The interns were divided into different groups and each group was assigned to work on  a deep learning project. My group contained five  members who were from different parts of the country. We worked together on the project titled “ Real Time Video Enhancement Using a Single Image Super Resolution”. Dr.Sridhar Swaminathan of Bennett University was our project guide, who guided us throughout the period of six weeks of internship and helped us to successfully complete our project. Regular meetings were held through online platforms through which we shared our ideas on implementation of the project. To conclude the internship was an enriching experience and the insights I gained will definitely influence my future professional career.

Gayathri Ananthakrishnan

S6, B.Tech

This Summer I got an opportunity to attend the 6week Virtual Summer Internship 2020, in Bennett University, Greater Noida under the initiative of during 1st June 2020 -10th July 2020. This Internship was beneficial for me for a number of reasons. The Internship helped me gain a better knowledge on Deep Learning.

On the first three days of the Internship, the interns were provided with a workshop on Deep Learning. The interns were then divided into groups of  5 or 6 under the guidance of a mentor. My team consisting of 6 members under the guidance of our mentor Dr Gaurav Singal(Assistant Professor,Bennett University) worked on the Deep Learning project titled “Denying the entrance of a person inside a premises without mask”. Meetings were conducted regularly to discuss the implementation of the project and individual progress was assessed. During the last week of the Internship we made a poster,video, blog and paper related to our project that helped us improve


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