Exit feedback from MCA students: 100% will talk proudly of Vidya!

This report is basically about an interesting finding in the exit feedback of the outgoing MCA students.

Before that some background. The final semester project viva was conducted in the online mode on 4 August 2020 with internal faculty members acting as external examiners. Even though the examiners were faculty members of the Dept, the Viva  was conducted with all seriousness and students also were made to feel the seriousness. In the previous years, the Dept used to conduct a meeting in the Dept immediately after the completion of the Project Viva bidding farewell to the outgoing students and collect exit feedback from the students.  But due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown, no meeting could be conducted on the day of the Viva. So, the Dept organised a farewell meeting via Google Meet on the next day, 5 August 2020. Immediately after the farewell meeting, the students were asked to give the exit feedback through a Google Form. Out of a total of 66 students, 63 students responded. The full details of the exit feedback can be accessed HERE.

There were 30 questions in the feedback. All faculty and staff in the Dept were pleasantly surprised when they saw the consolidated responses to the last question. An image of the consolidated response is reproduced below.

100% of the participants said in one voice that they would talk about the institution proudly! This is for the first time the dept was getting such a response to this question. In the previous years there used to be a very small minority who had different feelings. The responses to all other questions paled into insignificance in the light of this finding. Iit is to be emphasised that the question was how they would talk about the institution and not how they would talk about the Dept! This was corroborated by their responses to other questions in the feedback form.