CE Dept conducts five-day workshop on Data Science as part of CLEP

The CLEP of CE Dept
The Comprehensive Learning Enhancement Program (CLEP) is a forum formed  in the CE Dept of Vidya with the objective of improving learning outcomes using an active learning environment to enhance the integration of practice and theory in the classroom. The programme intends to create such a learning environment that would promote students’ interest in the technological and managerial skills and would encourage participatory learning. The forum also aims to make the students confident in their learning abilities and  to motivate them  to create an environment that allows them to take risks and challenges. Also, the forum encourages students to be creative and independent.
The workshop
As a part of CLEP, the Dept organised a five-day workshop on “Data Science using Python” for Civil Engineering Students to improve their knowledge in the area of Data Science and its applications in the discipline. Mr Ravishankar S, (AP, CSE Dept) served as the resource person for the workshop. The workshop was held during 5 – 9 August 2020.