Students conduct webinar on “Online classes : COVID – 19 induced revolution in education”

The Dept of Applied Sciences of Vidya organised through Google Meet a webinar on 13 August 2020 with Vidya’s students as the principal speakers. Principal Dr Saji C B flagged off the session.

B Poornima (S5 B Tech ECE) welcomed the participants and the orators of the webinar. She also gave an introduction to the programme as to the relevance of the title of the webinar and the topics to be discussed by the resource persons.

  • Yogita R Nair (S5 B Tech CSE) presented her views on adapting the new normal. She pointed out the general awareness that one had to have during this period of pandemic, the preparations to be made for adapting the online mode of education, how it was being implemented in the State.


  • Meenu T R (S5 B Tech CE) spoke on the technical issues that every student or individual needed to be aware of when adapting to the new normal. She highlighted the commonly used online platforms for ensuring education like Google Meet, Google Classrooms, Zoom, etc. She talked about how one had to choose a data connection based on the range and speed availability in one’s locality and about the need for ensuring a back up using a data connection during power failures. She also stressed the fact that in spite of all these the key to success lies in the hands of students who could use the available facilities effectively with sincerity and determination and make the online mode of learning successful.

  • Vaishnavi Kishore (S5 B Tech CSE) talked about the importance of positive interdependence between fellow students. She also elaborated on the need, importance and ways of practicing positive interdependence between fellow students; how technology could be used by students to practice collecting notes, videos and all material related to a class under a single platform, encourage them to attend webinars, enroll into online courses which could also be added to their resume, develop one’s own quizzes on a topic they learn, form discussion forums and blogs to discuss the relevant doubts on a topic thereby ensuring learning through understanding rather than mugging up huge lengthy portions. She also spoke on the benefits of positive interdependence like developing a good one-to-one relationship with their teachers and fellow students.

  • Vismaya V Nair (S5 B Tech CE) expressed her views on the importance of time management. Proper time management would make each student self-responsible and self-reliant. She spoke on how to plan ahead using one’s own planned calendar, handling multiple tasks based on prioritizing the order of requirement of things to be done, setting up a virtual study office in a comfortable environment with required books and away from disturbances, how to prepare oneself before attending an online class like avoiding the use of entertainment gadgets one hour ahead of the online class, to give a small revision say five to 10 minutes of the previous classes before attending the day’s scheduled classes. Tips to reward oneself to reduce the stress level included having a brisk walk, practicing extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, and having a good sleep of not more than 8 hours.

B Poornima concluded the session by summarising the important facts that are to be followed while adapting the new online mode of education in a positive manner. She also thanked Principal Dr Saji C B, Executive Director Er G Mohanchandran, Finance Director Mr Suresh Lal, Dean of Academics Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Vice Principal Dr V N Krishnachandran, all Heads of Departments, teachers, convener of the webinar Dr Siju K C, fellow resource persons and peer students for having made this program a grand success.

Video record of the wbinar

To view and enjoy a video record of the webinar click HERE.