They score a perfect 10 SGPA in S8 exams!

Congratulations to all!

Students of CSE Dept

Five students of S8 B Tech (CSE) programme secured perfect 10 Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) in the end-semester examinations conducted by APJAKTU in August 2020.

  1. Abishek K Jayadeep – S8 CSE A
  2. Athira – S8 CSE A
  3. Divya Maria Raphy- S8 CSE A
  4. Krishnapriya U P- S8 CSE A
  5. Sreebhadra V – S8 CSE B

Students of ECE Dept


Two S8 B Tech ECE  students Mr Rahul Vincent and Ms Tessa George secured a perfect 10 SGPA in the S8 B Tech examinations. Also, Ms Meethu T M of the same batch secured O Grade in all the theory courses in the university examination.

Students of ME Dept

Krishnakumar K (S8 B Tech ME) 2020 passout student secured a perfect 10 SGPA in the final semester examination (S8) conducted by APJAKTU in the month of August 2020.

Students of CE Dept

Three students of the CE Dept – Binoy Thomas, Jovita Sabu and Manjusha P – secured a perfect 10 SGPA in the S8 B Tech examinations conducted in August 2020.