S5 B Tech (ME) students develop smart bin

A group of S5 B Tech (ME) students built a smart bin to deposit waste material without touching the bin. The smart bin was developed as part of  a design project to be completed in the fifth semester of the B Tech curriculum of APJAKTU.
In the smart bin, there is an ultrasonic sound sensor which senses the presence of nearby objects by transmitting ultrasonic sound waves and the information regarding the presence is passed to an Arduino Uno board which calculates the distance traveled by the sound wave. If the calculated distance is less than or equal to 40cm, the lid of the dustbin will get opened automatically with the help of a micro servo motor. In addition, an infrared sensor and a LED light system are also installed to detect the level of filled in waste.
The group comprising of the students Sanjay K T, Sanjay Sajeev and Rohit Ajithkumar completed the project under the guidance of Mr Anil Paul (AP, ME Dept).